Sondersiphon pressure side  Item-No. 100500 

suitable as a fillable siphon, with an inserted float-ball as a return valve, suitable for a max. over pressure of 2,200 Pascal

– quick Installation

– rot-proof polypropylene PP

– ease of maintenance

– intake connection with rubber sleeve

– unit connection ¾“ - 1 ½“ (diam. 15 - diam. 40)

– drain diameter diam. 40

– minor installation height because of sloping position or adjustment

– sealing cap for filling and cleaning

– free outlet, no direct connection to the water pipe

Optional:transparent standpipes, hygienic edition (Item-No. 100600)

AquaKlima-Sondersiphon for outside installation – UV-resistant –AquaNoir-Series

Sondersiphon pressure side (AquaNoir-Series) 

Item-No. 9011-500

Optional:transparent standpipes, hygienic edition (Item-No. 9011-600)

Delivery: ready for operation


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